Sunday, 12 January 2014

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Washing our face is a daily habit that we've been absentmindedly doing every morning and evening, but could you actually be committing a big beauty mistake without realising it?
You think you may be doing things right. Washing your face twice a day, applying moisturiser religiously and never forgetting your SPF sunscreen. How hard can it be right? But surprisingly, your regimen may actually be causing you more harm than good. Here we uncover the mistakes you might be making in your quest to get squeaky clean skin.

#1 Wash & Go
A cleanser does not mean it's your one-step-be-all product. If you leave traces of makeup expecting the cleanser to wash away the residue, you're in danger of clogging up your pores. Try using cleansing oil or facial wipes to dissolve sunscreen and makeup first. When washing your face, use lukewarm water and about a pea size amount of cleanser. Use a silicone pad to gently scrub away the dead skin cell every other day.

#2 Choosing Cleanser According to Skin Type
We're told that we should only use products that are catered to our skin type. Correct! But there are certain ingredients that should never ever be present in your face wash like fragrance and parabens. A cleanser should work for any skin type but it is the formula that distinguishes itself from the others. So those with oily skin may prefer a gel wash to help dissolve oil while people with dry skin might opt for formulas with extra moisturising.

#3 Exfoliating with Grainy Scrubs
Contrary to popular belief, thick and grainy scrubs do not actually clean your skin more effectively. The texture is actually too harsh for the delicate facial skin and can aggravate the appearance of pores. Constant exfoliation can also cause inflammation. Instead use salicylic or glycolic acid cleansers once or twice a week to do the job. Adjust accordingly based on how your skin is looking and feeling

#4 'Open or Close' Your Pores

No matter what tricks you do – massaging your face or splashing with cold water – you can't open or close your pores. It is not that easy or feasible. But a steady blast of mild steam can help soften hardened oil embed in pores. So that hot shower might actually be doing some good. Take care though as extreme heat can make problems like rosacea and redness even worse.

#5 Time & Technique
In order for your cleanser to work its magic, you need to be washing your face for at least two full minutes. And you need to apply the right technique. Stimulate your skin by using your fingertips to massage in big sweeping circles and then knead with your knuckles. Start with your forehead and then move down to your nose, outwards to your cheeks and then down to your chin and neck.



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