Thursday, 2 January 2014

# muhasabah diri # Peribadi


Assalamualaikum dan salam Jumaat penghulu segala hari. Banyakkan berdoa hari ni k. And dont forget to read surah Al-kahfi ^_^. In sha Allah kita akan selalu dalam lindungannya. hehe. 

I just want to share wif all of you about creating our own life story. Yang pastinya ia simple tetapi padat. hahaha. Emm, seperti biasalah kan, we can write our own life story, but I don't mean writing the past, I mean the present and the future! 

Yes, Allah subhanahu wa taala controls that part, but He also gave you the choice to make decisions and to fill in the blanks, so what are you going to put there? A best seller or a mediocre experiment? Remember, one day you will read it out loud in front of Allah and everyone, so take your pen and start writing! Or take your keyboard and laptop, and start to think and typing. hihihi..

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TelingaBulat said...

alhamdulillah tb jadikan amalan surah kahfi tuh..just baca 1-10 ayat jee..tuh pon memandai ;)